How do I get started with Payments?

Here's how you can set up and accept payments:
1. Click on the "Payments" tab on your admin dashboard
2. Click to "Connect a Stripe account"
  • Stripe is a (free) service that handles the actual payment processing behind the scenes
  • You'll add your bank account to your Stripe account
  • Any payments you receive in the app will be automatically deposited to your bank account within 2 business days
3. Create payment & donation requests in 3 possible locations:
  • In your app's upper-right menu: Click the "App Settings" tab on the admin dashboard, then "Payments"

  • On events: Click the "Events" tab on the admin dashboard, then the "Require payment" button on any event 

  • On posts: Open your app, then tap to create a new post. You should see a "$" button which will allow you to create a payment request. (If you don't see it, please verify that you're signed into the app as an admin.)


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