Is it possible to create subgroups in the app?

Yes it is! You can create private subgroup discussions that no one else can see (besides the people in it, of course). Here's how:
  • Tap the "Message" tab
  • Tap "New" in the upper-right corner (iOS) or the round chat bubble in the lower-right (Android)
  • Add the people you'd like to include in the subgroup
  • Send the first message (this is important - the subgroup doesn't exist until you send a message) 
You can even give the subgroup a custom name:
  • After sending the first message, tap the "Details" link in the upper right (iOS) or the gear icon (Android)
  • Name the subgroup (e.g. "Party planners")
  • Then, anyone who's a part of that subgroup will see the "Party planners" conversation when they visit the "Message" tab. Only people in the subgroup can see the subgroup and its discussion.


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