How can I import a Google Calendar into my app?

Here are the steps to link a Google Calendar:

1. Make the calendar public (if it isn't already)

    • Log into your Google Calendar
    • Find your calendar on the left hand side, and choose "Calendar settings" from its drop-down menu
    • Click the "Share this Calendar" tab at the top
    • Click to make the calendar Public (if it isn't already)

2. Get the link to the calendar's "ICAL" file

    • Go back to "Calendar Details" (the link is at the top)
    • Tap the green "ICAL" button in the "Calendar Address" section
    • Copy the blue link that appears. It'll end with "basic.ics"
    • Put that into the admin dashboard's "Settings" section, and click "Save all changes"
    • Wait until 15 minutes past the hour; your calendar should get imported automatically once an hour

If this doesn't work, please contact - we'd be happy to help!


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